We believe in the touch of hands.

At TADAH, we set ourselves a monumental vision – to innovate beautiful things that all human can enjoy, visually, experientially and spiritually. To us, this is a massive responsibility.

We believe in the touch of hands. We let them do the work first, very intuitively, sculpturally and freely. Using touch, we sense the qualities of space and form.


Going BIM!

This is our experience about transition from traditional CAD to BIM. Nothing technical about BIM here, just what we went through in the process. Let us know if you had the same.

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BP’s notes on his sketches

In this post Khun Burapa, our Design Partner will tell you what he thinks while he sketches.

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People – Design Fiction by Mintra

An exciting project done by Mintra Maneepairoj (Mint) during her school years.

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We have a 'painting' in our meeting room. This is its story.

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That Paper Wall

A story about the making of 'that paper wall'

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Live, Work, and Play

One of our key beliefs on what can possibly impact our design experience is to do some other activities other than just work together.

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Out and About

In addition to our keen design, we enthusiastically fulfil everyday’s happiness with dining. Let's grab a meal together!

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Bangkok’s Design Week 2017 – Coffee Design

What would it be if an architect makes 'Coffee'?

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We have a compelling reason to test and try things while we have learned to push the hard works through the better design solution.

think . believe . inspire