When ideas go wild, sketching is a good way to quickly capture those freak stuffs in my heads out to be materialised on paper sheets. Several times, good ideas just flashed in. Without a method to capture them, they will be forever gone.

Personally, I love rough sketching very much. By just simply using pencil or pen and let my drawing flows following my thought, it could produce a lot of ideas within minutes. It is a genuine thought without polishing. What I thought, it will be out there. No retouch or correction work. It allowed me to be… so me….. be myself, and reflected how freak that I stepped away from norms. And the moment that I loved most was when our freak ideas and sketches could make us laughed or stunned during discussions. Creativity comes when surprise comes.

Moreover, sketching is a medium that trained me to explain my thought to other people without using a word. Good sketches explain a lot. As they say “picture is worth a thousand words”.