Wella Office & Academy


Bangkok, Thailand


285 Sq.m.

With only 285 Sq.m. WELLA team needs to have its flagship academy in the heart of the city that must hold training session of 80 people and office with 25 staffs plus 20 sales staffs working in one space.

The challenge was how can all activities that will happen at the same time fits into this tight space. Academy is approximately 80 Sq.m. plus extra 50 Sq.m. storage area with its own entrance.  The program is very tight.  Our design strategy was to create a space that could have flexible functions and multiple configurations that can transform functions between the two programs — office and academy.  The multi-purpose room is rotatable to allow maximum flexible ‘shared’ space between office and academy area.  This room when facing the academy it becomes a holding space/break-out area prior or between training session. When facing the office, it becomes and extended space where meetings can take place.

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