Raveewan Space


Bangkok, Thailand


9,990 Sq.m.

We envision Raveevan Space as a luxurious apartment that uniquely fuses Oriental living with extensive art scape in a tropical metropolitan.

A revival of Oriental sensation is a potential to bring back our cultural identity and portray in a contemporary manner. A fresh solution it offers how we live harmoniously in local context – which has largely been isolated by the present urban limitations – will reshape the notion of living experience here.


A sense of Oriental living has been characterized in our design. By observing traditional East Asian architecture, our design implemented their core philosophy of living in experiential space by bridging dwellers to live closely with nature. An exposure to natural light, wind breeze, landscape and visual pleasing is an art of appreciation that we aim to introduce here in scale of both in-unit living and facility areas. In addition, we envisage a transitional spaces that inter-connect and form an extensive network of public facilities, circulation and communal spaces. This is where spaces are carefully crafted to house specific art pieces, echoing their presence that is accessible by everyone. Oriental living experience has been defined through quality and quantity of diverse events contained in place.

The fusion of Oriental and arts softens the ambience, prompt the dwellers’spiritual sentiment into a serene state. It is a moment that allows dwellers to expand their mind to absorb richness of arts, appreciate their stories and craftsmanships in harmony with nature. It is a place to learn, respect and value surroundings that compliments the dweller’s daily sensational comfort.

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