Ramintra Residence 01


Bangkok, Thailand


467 Sq.m.

Ramintra Residence is a family home for 2 generations, the parents and a young family of 3 members. This house consists of 4 bedrooms of which 3 are upstair and 1 at the ground level.

2 living components are clearly separated by level with distinct entrances. Parents are located at the ground level. The young family takes upper level. The requirement for the young family were clear that they want the layout to be very compact, yet very functional within one level, no stairs, with access to green area.

The stepping green area on the upper level is next to the living area. The steeping garden allows great privacy to the living area and protection from direct sun of the south facing facade. Interior are finished with a simple neutural wood tone. Furniture are designed to maximized function and connect together in one compact space.

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