Noble Gable Kanso


Interior + Landscape


Bangkok, Thailand


Aeto 169 Sq.m.

Semi 151 Sq.m.

Brief: A small house with a glimpse of japanese minimalist living of 4 family members with limited indoor space and multi-functional programs required by each individual’s lifestyle choice.

We wanted to dissolve each space with generosity and allow continuous communication with the exterior and weave the inner space with transformable doors and walls.

We essentially chose to custom-built the TV stand with honed travertine and Travertine split face as the back drop to penetrate through the space outside while it is visually referred back to its indoor space. It seems extended inside out. The living space is far wider than its previous space restriction. 

The use of mirror volumizes the space and echoes the sight line of the garden therein. This placing also emphasizes on space and attracts sunlight through floor-to-ceiling windows. 

The Sofa Design encourages dynamic activities happened concurrently; a grandma can sip the tea while looking onto the garden, a father can watch TV on the other side of the sofa while a mother and son are dining. This loose piece bridges different functionalities into one.

The interior is a workout of soothing non-colored elements; white and natural color create the home’s balance and peaceful atmosphere. 

We would like the space to breathe and be connected. It is our approach to tear the solid wall and designate a sliding door at the guest bedroom to open up sensory experience. By allowing natural light and air flow to diffuse in the hallway and stair ways make the quality living. 

The feeling of the extension, yet the ability to keep privacy are portrayed at the master bedroom’s bathroom by implementing the sliding doors/walls. We create user’s flexibility to choose either when to close or expose it while using. We want to extend the small bedroom into a spacious and continuous area. 

Our designer self-painted the painting with softer tones that can be revisited. Intriguing accents of little trees and wooden props are to complement a clean character. 

Besides ample amount of natural lighting, we featured soft and warm lighting with unique selection of lamp that can be harmoniously evaporated in the space. It carries cozy ambience and reflects a simple aesthetic.   

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