Noble Ambiance Sukhumvit 42


Bangkok, Thailand


15,768 Sq.m.

An up-scale service apartment is located in a close proximity of Bangkok’s boutique-lifestyle district.  Within the site, existing aged lush trees gave a strong impression how to celebrate them alongside architecture as a key signature to this development.

Buildings are separated into 2 main residential blocks and a smaller reception building, circumvent huge trees and subsequently created series of courtyards and pockets green space. Besides functioning as resting or playing area, they also connect lounge, pool deck, fitness and playroom together as a network where residents could easily permeate.

On higher floors, units are planed such that they are not directly facing each others to have maximum privacy. Series of aluminium mesh screen formed an external skin to screen off heat gain from scorch sunlight.  In addition, shade and shadow casted over reflective glass and walls created a sense of mesmerising depth over facade.

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