Green Ville Apartment




Bangkok, Thailand


3,400 Sq.m.


Under Construction

This 71-unit rental apartment is being developed with consideration of providing greater living quality sufficient light, natural ventilation, and suggested green area. We create basic and logical form of the building to communicate gracefully with existing neighborhood.

The imposed wire mesh clad works to soften direct brightness and heat.  Pragmatic collective green walls on 4 sides of the building combine tenants and local residents to enjoy pleasant view from the ground up above.  At the center of the building, natural light and natural ventilation puncture through a large court allowing the building to “breath” effortlessly. Trees are placed on 3rd floor lobby and on the 5th floor lounge area. Public facilities such as fitness and laundry facility locate within this court. The court feels very open and secured for tenants to circulate and comfortably rest at the Sky Lobby as if it is their extended living room.

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