Charoen Factory


Office and Factory


Bangkok, Thailand


2,200 Sq.m.

Our client, Charoen Decor supplies huge range of hi-end fabric. The client values the factory as the showcase of the production process, a place that they can utilise as a formal reception for their prestige clients and also cater to visiting students for educational purpose.

We split the mass into 2 pieces and left with a large atrium in the middle. The large atrium houses all circulations of this building including services and loading. Circulation for guests and tours will be navigated through the factory. All guests will be able to see all factory process from one place given a very clear picture of the entire operation at one glance. On the exterior, as most space of this factory is designd to be naturally ventilated we introduce aluminium rods with different density as the breathable skin of this factory. Plenty of natural light will puncture through atrium space. We specifically design a reflector that will only transfer light into space without allowing any heat through.

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