In this section where we ask our team members to share their projects during their school years.  This is an exciting project by Mintra Maneepairoj (Mint) during her years at Columbia university.  Thank you Mint! Beautiful illustrations!


Design Fiction

The first drawing class in undergrad, we were given an excerpt from The Arabian Nights. The assignment was to draw the “imagined space.” The paragraph was analysed to establish the actors, actions, location, and how they come together to create a visual scene.

Every scale has its paragraphs of stories with various factors combined and interpreted into a design fiction.

The Object City follows stories of objects in a storage facility, and how their movements within the city create intertwined urban networks. The narrative treats objects as being active instead of stationary. The resulted visual narrative reveals an urbanism through the lens of ‘things.’

Treating design as a story forces us to choose and establish the main actors and their environments in order to form a design plot line; a concept. Choosing a different standing point allows for new ways of questioning and investigating a given brief, resulting in (hopefully) something interesting.