BP's notes on his sketches

When ideas go wild, sketching is a good way to quickly capture those freak stuffs in my heads out to be materialised on paper sheets. Several times, good ideas just flashed in. Without a method to capture them, they will be forever gone.

Personally, I love rough sketching very much. By just simply using pencil or pen and let my drawing flows following my thought, it could produce a lot of ideas within minutes. It is a genuine thought without polishing. What I thought, it will be out there. No retouch or correction work. It allowed me to be.....so so me..... be myself, and reflected how freak that I stepped away from norms. And the moment that I loved most was when our freak ideas and sketches could make us laughed or stunned during discussions. Creativity comes when surprise comes.

Moreover, sketching is a medium that trained me to explain my thought to other people without using a word. Good sketches explain a lot. As they say "picture is worth a thousand words".





Live, Work, and Play

One of our key beliefs on what can possibly impact our design experience is to do some other activities other than just work together. We always find opportunities to play together, to get sweat together, and to be simply having fun. Throughout this whole experience, we have not only been creating a friendship, but also generating meaningful work partners. We love to share our thought and our being as much as we learn about each other's life. We trust that this connectivity would gradually transform our office culture and our day-to-day environment into a happier and healthier one.








Out and About

In addition to our keen design, we enthusiastically fulfil everyday’s happiness with dining.  We love to spend a quality time with colleagues; talking and sharing our thought during lunch time.  Wherever we eat together—from local food stalls to standard restaurants, we believe that the dining table is the perfect place to allow ourselves with friends and simply have fun. Stronger relationship is on our way.






Bangkok's Design Week 2017 – Coffee Design

What would it be if an architect makes 'Coffee'? With limited knowledge about the coffee lover's world, we have been experimenting the finer touch of coffee design through combining great coffee with unusual ingredients. Some simple tweaks have been attempted with fails and hope. Our final creation is still in progress. We still don't know how it would come out. However, we have been gathering lots of laugh and smile while doing it and just keep our fingers crossed.