When we designed this office we wanted to have an art work in our meeting room.  We have looked at many paintings for that ‘perfect’ piece that will take up this space and finally we found none.  Not that they are not a beautiful art works, in fact they all are but deep down it just don’t feel right.  We realised that what we were looking for was not exactly a beautiful ‘painting’ but it was something that was more personal and something that expresses who we are.

Our idea was to have everyone in the office participate in this painting.  It was built layers over layers.  Everyone had a week to ‘paint’ (or draw or whatever it was that they do) on the canvas.  For that week, the base layer of the painting was formed.  It looked more of a graffiti wall rather than a painting, but it filled with expression and personalities.  The expression of base tone were candy-like and pastel color and that was enough for us know know about our team - we are a playful and quite a risk- taker bunch of designers.  Then week after that the entire painting was covered with gesso.  Gesso was to preserved the base layer before we did the final touch up to the painting - the lines.

The lines exercise was an instructional procedure.  The instruction was everybody have to draw a line after one another for a week.  Each lines must be as close as they can be but not touching. The exercise went for a week and we all had only about 20 percent of the painting covers with lines.  It was intensive week for unity and teamwork.

Although at the end, this ‘painting’ might not be the most beautiful painting, but it best matches us and our meeting room.  It records history in the making of what we are - designers in the making.








Live, Work, and Play

One of our key beliefs on what can possibly impact our design experience is to do some other activities other than just work together. We always find opportunities to play together, to get sweat together, and to be simply having fun. Throughout this whole experience, we have not only been creating a friendship, but also generating meaningful work partners. We love to share our thought and our being as much as we learn about each other's life. We trust that this connectivity would gradually transform our office culture and our day-to-day environment into a happier and healthier one.








Out and About

In addition to our keen design, we enthusiastically fulfil everyday’s happiness with dining.  We love to spend a quality time with colleagues; talking and sharing our thought during lunch time.  Wherever we eat together—from local food stalls to standard restaurants, we believe that the dining table is the perfect place to allow ourselves with friends and simply have fun. Stronger relationship is on our way.






Bangkok's Design Week 2017 – Coffee Design

What would it be if an architect makes 'Coffee'? With limited knowledge about the coffee lover's world, we have been experimenting the finer touch of coffee design through combining great coffee with unusual ingredients. Some simple tweaks have been attempted with fails and hope. Our final creation is still in progress. We still don't know how it would come out. However, we have been gathering lots of laugh and smile while doing it and just keep our fingers crossed.