We love to communicate our conceptual design and forward through visualization. We believe that our client should be more beneficial if we could precisely and accurately illustrate images our designers carried in their mind. Diving into detailed making of lines, lightings, forms, and materials challenge us to plugin all those scattered creativity into a stronger image. The attractiveness of rendering is how to balance designer's instinct while being able to create and try a new artistic approach. We commonly test variations of contrast in order to ascertain our design accent. The challenge of all the works we have done is how to control all process under limited timeline, select the best for our clients, yet still keep the soul of imagination. 066-2016-08-08-LAWN-&-POOL-RAWRENDER 066-2016-08-08-LAWN-&-POOL-SK 066-2016-08-08-LAWN-&-POOL-RETOUCH 066-2016-08-08-ELEVATION-LAWN-RAWRENDER 066-2016-08-08-ELEVATION-LAWN-SK 066-2016-08-08-ELEVATION-LAWN-RETOUCH066-UNIT-LIVING&KITCHEN-OP4-SK 066-UNIT-LIVING&KITCHEN-OP4 066-SCREEN-FRONT-SK 066-SCREEN-FRONT